Hormone Balance

Are you suffering from PMS symptoms?

Is your monthly cycle very short or very long?

Do you experience a lot of pain and cramps during menstruation or do you feel horrible in general, wanting to stay in bed all day?

Is your monthly blood flow very sparse or do you only menstruate every few months or not at all?  

Unfortunately for many women, these ailments keep recurring monthly for years and even decades. Many women have accepted that this is just part of being a woman and you need to accept it as it is. Maybe you have talked to your doctor, gynecologists, alternative healthcare provider and have tried a few things. Possibly, these recommendations have brought about some relief of symptoms but you are still dealing with monthly discomfort. 

Let me tell you that it is not necessary to suffer from these symptoms. Have you considered that your diet and the drinks you consume (and I am not talking about alcoholic drinks only), daily rhythm and sleeping pattern might play a big roll in how you are experiencing your monthly cycle? I am inviting you to try out some new ways and see how they can have a tremendous effect on your hormonal balance and how you experience your monthly cycle.