When a woman is ready to conceive a baby, there are a few recommendations people in their environment and their healthcare providers usually make. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, get a lot of rest and sleep and follow a healthy diet, including lots unprocessed foods. All of this is very valuable and I would recommend this to all woman wanting to conceive.

Where my approach goes further, I have combined knowledge and experience from both Western and Chinese nutrition that offer a rich enhancement to the general recommendations. Some of these nutrition and lifestyle recommendations I advice for all women and some are tailored individually by me giving specific advice to what can assist conception according to a woman's particular type. This is also true for the time after the new human is conceived, so that the woman can enhance the healthy growth of the baby in her belly. 

Just like my other programs, we start with a food and drink diary to assess the current situation. Starting from there, we take an in-depth assessment of the current situation. With this knowledge, I create personalized advice for each woman's specific situation, including her preferences.


Part of my nutrition and lifestyle advice can be:

*Natural Family Planning (NFP) techniques

*Teas and herbs that can enhance conception

*Daily rhythm and sleeping pattern

*Stress management 

*Environmental factors, toxins, personal care & cleaning products, plastics