My Training


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Western Nutrition
Diploma Integrative Nutrition Practitioner (2020)

Integrative Nutrition Coaching Institute - Dr. Claudia Nichterl, Vienna


My recommendations are based on modern Western nutrition research combined with the millennia-old experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are tailored to our western eating habits. You don't have to cook and eat Chinese dishes or buy exotic ingredients - most of the ingredients are available at the market, supermarket or health food store using local ingredients that are available depending on the climate you live in and the season.


Diet is not a miracle cure - it is only ever part of your overall lifestyle. It can help improve your well-being, digestion, energy levels, sleep, headaches, hormone balance, feeling cold or too hot etc. Individualized nutrition tailored to your body and metabolic type is the basis of health and well-being - always in combination with other factors, exercise, relaxation, social relationships, soul, psyche, fun and so forth. Nutrition works gently and, if properly tailored to the individual, without side effects - not overnight, but permanently.

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